The nightlife in Iceland can be fun...

There are absolutely plenty of places in Iceland to be hanging out for love. Venues are always mixed with all types of people; artists, intellectuals, the unemployed and business people, rich and poor alike, young and old all flock to the same places in Iceland to enjoy binge drinking. 

Men and women mostly mingle by the bar and in the smoking areas where conversations flow about people they know in common, what they do etc.

As most people are out searching for a night of fun being witty is your best go when looking for love. Clichés about romance and beauty usually don't go down well but you can still save them for later when it's just the two of you together. 

DJ's can also provide a good venue for dancing and getting up close and personal to the one you might have your eye on. Dance till there is no one else on the dancefloor at B5, Kaffibarinn, Boston or Prikid and you will surely catch the eye of some beautiful boy or girl.

In the midst of the night staying nominally sober until the early hours is a good thing. Most Icelanders stay up until about 6am. If you can hold a conversation past 2am the world is your oyster when it comes to meeting someone!

But if you should meet someone before that make sure to ask for their telephone number, as 2am is too early for an after-party. A simple text at three should help you find out if you clicked. 

All the foodie places also become a hubbub of activity from 3am and onwards, with dates being organized and people glancing across their garlic oiled dripping pizza slice to catch someone's eye.

Fights over love are also rampant past 3. Passion lingers in the air and depending on the time of year lovers can lie in parks in summer or snuggle up in arches in winter.

Here's more about attitudes towards sex and nudity in Iceland.

Photo by Oskar Hallgrimsson. Text by Elmar Johnson