Mind, body and SPA

Mind, body and SPA



If you are thinking about staying in Reykjavík and wanting to indulge in pure Icelandic spa retreat, then the Blue Lagoon spa is a place for you. Located in Reykjavík, it’s a great way for you to experience the Icelandic nature first hand without travelling outside the capital.

Mind, body and SPA

Whether you are travelling alone, in a group or in a romantic getaway with your special someone, Blue Lagoon spa offers you to experience different treatments for individuals, groups and couples.

 The spa is located on the ground floor in a large sport center, it has great facilities and an outside hot tub filled with salt water from the famous Blue Lagoon. The spa offers both beauty and massage treatments where all the products are made from the Blue Lagoon and therefore the ingredients are natural and unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Mind, body and SPAThis spa is very unique and if you are thinking about some relaxing or pampering while enjoying Reykjavik I highly recommend Blue Lagoon spa for you!

Visit www.bluelagoonspa.is if you are interested or contact me for more information.