Gunnar Nelson of Mjölnir

Gunnar Nelson of Mjölnir


Gunnar Nelson of Mjölnir

One of the things I´m really into these days is the UFC. It´s one of the fastest growing sports in the world and Iceland is no exception. 

Recently Gunnar Nelson claimed his place in the history books (at least the Icelandic ones) by becoming the first Icelander to fight in the UFC. 

The nation stood still while Gunnar, who is know for his calm mind, solidified his place within the UFC by way of submission in the first round. 

Its unbelievable to me that Gunnar refined his skills in a little gym, Mjölnir, next to my house, unnoticed by most of the Icelandic population. 

If you´re into MMA, BJJ or any other combat sport and find yourself in Reykjavik - don´t hesitate to swing by Mjölnir for a friendly roll. Who knows, you might even run into Gunnar himself.