Don't visit Iceland in November

The reason is simple: November sucks. Summer is definitely over and it´s not yet Christmas.The only problem is that the best music festival in Iceland, Iceland Airwaves, is from the 30th of October to the 3rd of November. That complicates matters because it causes you to form a love hate relationship with this certain period of the year. That is why I chose to spend this years November in Spain. So I could prolong my summer and then CHRISTMAS – my favourite time of the year, but also so I could work on my Spanish which I hope is a little better now. No rain, hail, snow and wind from the sea of Greenland (all at the same time) for me this year. You guys can enjoy that.

I also just finished High School so I deserve tequila. Unlike most other students in the world we stay there until the age of twenty. I almost feel grown up now, and I am proud of that. My good work with the guys at Guide to Iceland has also contributed strongly to that feeling, and I know so much more now than I did before.

I´m deciding what to study in the university, I am I little torn between categories because I love languages and working with different cultures but I’m also a little geek inside who enjoys math and computers, but I hope that I’ll figure out soon, maybe I can get a degree in something serious and just have the other stuff as a hobby. 

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