London Baby!


We said goodbye to Iceland on a good day, it was cold but sunny and I gave my sister and my dog a hug, I knew I was going to miss them a lot. My parents and my brother drove us to the airport but it was hard for them to let us go for such a long time.

We landed in Gatwick airport and like every other airport the only thing we could do was wait. After 2 hours of waiting for the bags we finally got them and took the train to the hotel. We were exhausted after the trip and fell asleep as soon as we lied down.

We had two days to see as much of London as we could. We walked around for hours the first day and got a glimpse of The London Eye, Big Ben and more but the next day we decided to take the hop on hop off bus. It was fun and educating plus we had a little time to do some shopping. We had a late dinner and tasted some of Britain’s finest beer. We had a wonderful time in London but the next stop was Tenerife.


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