Coffee Shop

Santa‘s side job

作者 Vopni

Either Santa Clause really got his ducks in a row for this holiday season or business is slow seeing as I woke up to find him painting the house next door with all the ruckus and shouting usually associated with construction workers on your roof. (Apparently my roof was the entry and exit point for some unknown reason)

Santa painting

Or at least someone jolly enough to show up in a Santa suit to work this morning.

This was a much unwelcomed change from my usual wake up to iTunes serenading me out of bed with soft melodies all the way to my French press in the kitchen.

Oh well it‘s Wednesday and my final exam is tomorrow, going to put on some Serge Gainsbourg  while I study and try the new coffee I got at Te & Kaffi gourmet coffee shop yesterday.

Coffee Shop

The weekend in Reykjavik is coming and as usual there´s plenty to choose from. I think a 90’s Icelandic grunge/rock concert at Gamli Gaukurinn downtown might be a nice nostalgic way to spend my Saturday night.