Reykjavík Culture Night 2013

Reykjavík Culture Night 2013


Reykjavík Culture Night 2013


Tomorrow, August, 24th, the people of Reykjavík will celebrate their 18th Culture Night, with all kinds of cultural events taking place throughout the city in streets, squares, alleys, parks, galleries, culture houses and even in some people’s own homes. The locals of Reykjavík join in creating and enjoying this festival, and it has become one of the largest and most popular event in the country.

This is a great opportunity to see the best of Icelandic art and enjoy great company with surprise events.

The events are too numerous to list in this blog, but you can read a full schedule here.

On a personal note: My aunts and cousins' choir Fjörðurnar will be singing at 18:15 in the garden of Hólatorg 4, in the west part of Reykjavík (a 4 house street, opposite the old Hólavallakirkjugarður graveyard) and everyone’s welcome to stop by and listen.

The official schedule ends with a spectacular fireworks display and then there will be heavy partying in town throughout the night. 

As for the last bit, Mayor Jón Gnarr urges everyone to keep the city clean, and in general people are encouraged to put on their best behavior, to have fun and not be douches, basically,  so everyone can enjoy Culture Night in Reykjavík to the fullest. 

Wishing you a great Culture Night and all the best! :)