The Easter Platypus

The Easter Platypus


The Easter Platypus

I‘ve never really understood what rabbits or hares have to do with Easter eggs. It‘s not as if they hatch eggs or anything.

I have a theory, however, that the origin for this connection lies with the platypus. The platypus is a furred mammal like the hare, but unlike the hare it does indeed lay eggs. Furthermore it has an important advantage over the hare: As a defense mechanism, it spews poison. How cool is that?

The most natural explanation as to why the platypus was pushed away in favor of the hare would lie in the simple fact that hares are way cuter and pretty harmless, or so I believe. Really, how cute is an Easter platypus that spews poison?

Nevertheless I‘m a friend of the little guy, or, in this case, the little platypus and fully support this marginalised animal in getting its recognition for its noble cultural contribution. This will also be an ample opportunity to protest against appearance-worship and general superficiality.  Also note that the platypus is unlikely to use its poison unless it‘s threatened. Remember that it‘s probably more afraid of you than you of it.

I therefore urge everyone to join hands with me in the struggle for the restored honour of the platypus and wish everyone a happy platypus Easter/passover/weekend/ whatever rocks your boat.  :)

This article appeared in its original Icelandic form on my other blog,  in 2006. I felt it was well due for a revival. Learn more about the platypus here It is indeed a fascinating animal.