Sushi Samba - my favorite!

Sushi Samba - my favorite!


Sushi Samba - my favorite!

The other night I went out with my friends. We all love sushi and therefore it's a very easy choice when selecting a restaurant. Sushi Samba is always number one on my list. By far my favorite place for so many reasons. 

The design of the place is very trendy. Incredibly comfortable atmosphere and a certain experience coming there. I could say so much about the food, it is first class. All the details are in place and the owners make a priority of first-class raw materials and quality. The food is served in a fun way. The best thing about Sushi Samba are the employees. So friendly, nice and can recommend the perfect menu for you. They are always smiling and in a good mood. You get the sense that they would do anything for you. 

When you go there you have to start the night off with a Chili Mojito. I have no words to describe how good the drinks are. The menu is outstanding. I can honestly say that everything that I have tasted at Sushi Samba is ridiculously good. 

My favorites on the menu


But I recommend the SushiSamba Menu, containing the following:
, 5 course surprise from around the globe
 and a dessert.

You can stay there for many hours enjoying the atmosphere and eat delicious sushi and drinking the best cocktails in the city! 

One more thing I have to mention. It’s a big thing. The guys who work there are so damn hot! I know you will enjoy your night at Sushi Samba. 

SushiSamba website

With love, Eyjó