The "Gay Scene" in Iceland




There is something you need to know about clubbing in Iceland, we are out of control. 

It´s a normal thing to go downtown clubbing around 01:00 am. With that written of course we stay out until the morning sun arrives. In Iceland we have one gay club, Kiki. I'´m going to be honest with you, it´'s not like clubs in New York, Barcelona or in London. Far from it. But it´s an effort. 

Because of our great tolerance every club in Iceland is gay friendly. That´s why  we all can dance in clubs, with whomever we want and do not have to worry about if we will get punched in the face by one big muscle guy if we accidentally kiss our boyfriend on the dance floor. And I'm really not fan of kissing in clubs, doesn't matter if you are gay or straight.  But I have to admit I have been so crazy in love that I didn't care about my rule of not kissing on the dance floor. That´'s that!

The best thing about a successful clubbing in another country is to make friends. Guide to Iceland has the answer to that – they will just take you out with locals. How great is that. And when you will find your Icelandic charming man or a woman – they can plan your wedding.

Anyways, when you are out and about in Iceland there is one area with all the clubs, downtown Reykjavik. You don´t need to take a taxi if you want to go to another club. Just walk down Laugavegur, make some friends and queue up for the next club.

I have to mention few places. Gaukurinn is a lot of fun and one of my favourites nowadays, and has a growing queer scene. B5 is the most popular and the music there is so good that you want do dance your ass off. Then we have the special Kaffibarinn – if you want to talk to an Icelander that´s clubbing go there and talk to them, it´s crowded and it´s fun. If you are lucky you can find your prince charming there.  

Remember one thing, before dancing you have to go to Icelandair Hotel Marina and get a cocktail in a great atmosphere. I love it there!

If you have any questions – you can always write me an email and here is a really good article, Gay Iceland | All You Need to Know.

With love, Eyjó