Magical Sky Iceland - Poster


I am showing in downtown Reykjavík, the theatre Tjarnarbíó, next to Reykjavík City Hall, my time lapse aurora movie "Magical Sky Iceland".

The movie was in making for two years, is 30 min long and is shot from 35 different photo locations around Iceland. It's showing the wonders in our sky above Iceland during the wintertime. So, if you are visiting Iceland this summer you can see the Northern lights on a big screen in the centre of Reykjavík.

In the movie you will see well known landmarks, iconic places, beautiful landscape and nature, abandoned house, plane wreck, seascape and of course the magical wonders on the sky - northern lights, milky way and halo.

This is second best thing if you can't see them for your self with our own eyes out in the nature. The movie will be shown in Tjarnarbío theatre this summer, everyday.

The movie is shown everyday between 1pm to 4pm, entrance fee is 900 kr. Alexandra Chernyshova, soprano singer and composer made the music specially for the movie. Here is a trailer for the movie, hope to see you all.

Best regards, Jon Hilmarsson

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