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Sælir! My name is Kaspars and I´m originally from Latvia. In 2012 I moved to Reykjavík, Iceland and have been living here ever since. I think of myself as a landscape photographer, because that´s what I enjoy the most. I love everything about photography, however capturing and composing shots of nature is my pure passion. Living in Iceland has changed my perception of nature.I fell in love with the rugged and pristine nature of Iceland and had no other choice but to pick up a camera and hold on to these feelings. My biggest joy is to be ''out there'' in the wilderness. To look for paths that never have been taken, experience landscapes and feeling that they give.


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Some of the best landscapes in and around Reykjavik

Right, so you are in Reykjavik and would like to see some of that landscape beauty of Iceland, but don't have enough time, money or means of transportation to go anywhere far. Not surprisingly, you don't have to go anywhere far to reach some great nature spots, especially for photography. Yes, of course, they might not be grandeur in terms of attractiveness, especially compared to some of the most iconic landmarks in Iceland. However, I believe that these places are highly underrated and deserve much higher attention. Here are just few of my favorite places of nature, that I like to

Walking inside a ''beautiful nothing''

Kálfafellsdalur is a long glacier valley located south east of Vatnajökull. The valley is scarred with streams collectively called Miðvötn or Landkvísl and at the very end of the valley you can find steep glacier tongue called Brókarjökull (Breeches glacier). This is another place, where you can not find any signs and is rather difficult to hike in. However it´s a perfect place to disconnect from the outer world and marvel the ''beautiful nothingness'' of Icelandic nature. The valley is easily spotted from the ring road. The entrance is located near Kálfafellsstaður farm and

Exploring the heart of Reykjanes

Everybody knows where are the main attractions in Iceland. You can just pick up handful of brochures at any information center and you will know how to find them. They are beautiful, no doubt, but sometimes it is hard to enjoy them with countless camper vans, tour buses and all the buzz around. So, if you were hoping to enjoy some stunning scenery and experience wild and peaceful nature on a remote island, you might feel disappointed. However, Iceland is big and if you're not afraid to explore, there are still places that are just as stunning, but at the same time, you can completely im

What to photograph in Snæfellsnes

If you only have a day or two to spend in Iceland, but would like to capture some of the best landscapes Iceland has to offer, Snæfellsnes peninsula should be on your priority list. Located just north of Reykjavik, this 100km long peninsula is packed with amazing landscapes, mountains, fjords, waterfalls, caves, charming little villages, sea cliffs, beaches and even a glacier. One might think, that it´s almost like Iceland within Iceland. Obviously each place is unique, but as a compressed version of Icelandic landscapes, Snæfellsnes is a perfect destination for photographers. If driving

Everything you need to know about the northern lights

What are the northern lights? Essentially the northern lights are formed by collisions between gaseous particles in the Earth's atmosphere with charged particles released from the sun's atmosphere. Variations in colour are due to the type of gas particles that are colliding. The most common aurora colour, a pale yellowish-green, is produced by oxygen molecules located about 60 miles above the Earth. All-red auroras are produced by high-altitude oxygen, at heights of up to 200 miles. Nitrogen produces blue or purplish-red aurora. The lights of the aurora generally extend from 80 kilometres

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Golden off route - Reykjanes

If you are planning to come to Iceland for the first time, or if you just arrived here, I'm sure that one of the first places that you are going to see is the "Golden Circle".  There are tens of companies that offer day tours to what has become a tour that practically every tourist has taken. I will not dwell into how much of a circle or how golden it is, but I guess if it's your first time here, visiting Geysir or Gullfoss seems like a "must". Besides, it's conveniently situated for those who wish to do a round trip around the island.  However, one of the biggest mistakes peop

Is Iceland really a photographer's paradise?

''It´s a photographers paradise''. You might have heard this before about Iceland. Well, I certainly have. But is it really? And if it is, what exactly is it that people are referring to, when they say that there is no place better to take a landscape photo than here, in Iceland. One thing is sure though. No way you can say that Iceland is undiscovered by photographers. Certainly, not in the last few years. Amount of photo tours and workshops have been rapidly increasing and there's a stream of amateur and professional photographers coming in all year around. However, th

Little known valleys of the South

There are plenty of places to travel to when you first arrive in Iceland. South of Iceland, for example, gives you an opportunity to go around the so called ''Golden circle'', visit mighty waterfalls along the ringroad on your way to Skaftafell national park, see puffins (in the summer) in Ingólfshöfði, and enjoy the sunset by Jökulsárlón. Those are all ''must visit'' places. However, how about those people, who are coming back for more. Sure, you can revisit those places, especially if you´re a photographer and you´re trying to get a shot in that perfect lighti



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