Konstantin Stroginov



Travel tips, Planning tours, Planning


English, Icelandic, Russian, Ukrainian


Travel Agent, Travel Counselor, Travel Writer (Journalist)

Hello, dear friends of Iceland! My name is Konstantin. I am the Iceland travel enlightener. I spent many years to consult unexperienced tourists, organize tours and guide happy guests of Iceland. And my skills are high. I answer stressless to the stupid questions like Can I bathing in geysir? or Why Iceland is so expensive? Well, I am used to. My poor English could be totally enough to help you to prepare for the trip to Iceland. But my native language is Russian. So, you may write to me your weird questions about Iceland in both languages. Well, I am used to. If you have nothing to say but still curious, just check out my blog. I will try to write about something that hasn't been posted yet on Guide to Iceland. Hmm, it would not be easy. But I'm used to.