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Having a Lazy Day in Reykjavík vs London
Sundhöll Reykjavíkur

Having a Lazy Day in Reykjavík vs London


Sundhöll Reykjavíkur

Today is just one of those days that I don't know what to do and don't really feel like doing anything - but still want to do something! Those days are weird, aren't they? I should do some work but don't feel like it. I should tidy up but don't feel like it. If feels like a Sunday rather than a Friday. A perfect day to go to a swimming pool to soak in a hot tub and afterwards have a hot dog... maybe even pop into Bíó Paradís afterwards and watch a movie. So you're not doing much but still doing something and not spending too much money.

Unfortunately, I'm not currently in Iceland so this proves to be a bit trickier to do.

Unfortunately hot water is not as easy and cheap to come by in London - even the hot water in my shower decided not to work today! I happen to have the day off but kind of can't leave the house since I need to wait for a repair-man to fix my shower.

I suppose I'll settle for curry and a movie at home. Maybe I'll read a book until. Possibly even write an article. And dream about owning my own hot tub.

I did actually go to a hot tub for the first time in London the other day, in Hot Tub Cinema, which was fantastic. A bit more expensive then the £2.50 it costs to soak in a hot tub in Reykjavík (more like £25) so unfortunately I can't go there on a daily or weekly basis. Highly recommended for people coming to or living in London though!

On another note, I will be in Iceland in June and just realized that the cost of the flight ticket is the same as a cost of a monthly transport here - so I won't even be losing out on money by buying it and staying in Iceland for a month - and then I can soak in as many hot tubs as I like :)