What Are Friends For?

What Are Friends For?


What Are Friends For?

Guide to Iceland was started by a group of friends. Friends that want to help each other out. And friends that are keen to get more foreign friends and help them out by giving them tips about our country and culture.

I've benefitted from the group of friends on Guide to Iceland already. (Largely) thanks to them I'm now about to compete in a national challenge in the UK with 249 other people for the chance to go to space. Going to space is a lifelong dream for me. Hopefully I'll live up to the challenge and get through to the next round and make my friends proud.

I also want to use this forum to help out my friends.

Friends are important and big dreams are important. As well as hard work.

Therefore I want to ask you to read about my dear friend Íris, a beautiful on the inside-and-out and talented young woman who has put in a lot of hard work to release her first album and now needs an extra kick for the production cost. Listen to her music (she sounds amazing!), watch her vidoes, follow her on SoundCloud and if you feel like it, donate some money to help her out. For 20 Euros you both help the album to be released - and you'll get the album itself.

Writing this here I feel is the least I can do to try to help her realize one of her dreams.

I recently experienced a great loss in my life and as a consequence I have been reminded of what really matters in life: Love, happiness, good health, dreams, friends and family and giving joy to others around you. Money and status and other materialistic things are of no real importance (although money can sometimes help to make your dreams come true such as in this case!)

A couple of friends of mine are getting married soon and instead of wedding presents they asked for the most wonderful thing instead: They asked all their guests to do an act of kindness and write it down on a piece of paper to hang up in the wedding reception for everyone to enjoy. The world needs more people like them. I urge everyone that reads this to give them a wedding present: Do an act of kindness and write it down here as a comment. I'll make sure to forward it all to them :)

Thank you - and be nice to one another. Tell the people you love that you love them.

Love, Nanna.