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9 reasons to rent a camper in Iceland
9 reasons to rent a camper in Iceland

9 reasons to rent a camper in Iceland


9 reasons to rent a camper in Iceland

I have been camping in Iceland all my life and know for a fact that a camper van is the the best way to camp in Iceland.

Why choose a camper:

  1. It's cheap. Why spend money on a hotel and a car when you can use a Camper van for both ?

  2. The weather in Iceland is as predictable as roulette table (or sometimes rather like a game of Russian roulette ..) and therefore you will want to be mobile and ready to move at any given time. You don´t want to have to pack your tent in the rain, and then sit wet in your car for the rest of your day.

  3.  In a camper van you can go anywhere and do anything, beholden to no-one. 

  4. There are 3 persons per square kilometre in Iceland. This allows you to basically disappear into the nature in a motor-home

  5. In Iceland you rarely need to reserve a spot at a camp site. It´s always a good idea to check first, but usually you can simply show up and enjoy it. Camp sites are modern and have good facilities.

  6. All of Iceland's ring road (road no.1) is asphalt which allows you to drive safely around the island in any type of camper van. See all this travel info too.

  7. In a KúKú camper van in Iceland you won´t need to plan your trip. You just follow the good weather and enjoy where it takes you. 

  8. In Iceland there are hardly any trees. Therefore you always have a 360°view from a camper at all times. 

  9. With a KúKú camper van you have a kitchen where-ever you go. This will save you lots of cash. Fast food in Iceland is expensive.

9 reasons to rent a camper in Iceland

Camper´s travel plan

What we like to do is to gather your interests and mix it up with the most recent weather forecast. This way we can create a tailor made travel plan which will enrich your experiences of Iceland.

Using a camper in Iceland will save you some hard earned cash which you can use for other exciting adventures, like whale watching, diving, white river rafting, natural hot pools or simply bird spotting. We know where to go and will happily create a tour plan for you.  

Find camper vans here and start planning your affordable trip to Iceland.