Iceland Highlands

Iceland Highlands




Iceland Highlands

It´s a divine experience driving the great highlands. We are talking 100% untouched nature.  

Camping in the Highlands of Iceland


In all fairness Iceland has a lot to offer, but it is not culturally and artisticly diverse enough ... sometimes we Icelanders feel the urge to travel abroad.

Some of us have a cosmopolitan side, eager to stroll down the high street of an urban city. This blog is being written by an Icelander stranded in a big city, and today I feel like a little homesick sardine in can. 

As an animal species we´ve advanced ourselves to a genre of specialization. Many of us live in big cities with isolated skills and utterly boring lives. Being an Icelander I find cities useful to buy Iphones but to me they are loud, dirty and crowded. Today I miss the Icelandic Highlands. 

I want to ask you a simple question. Have you ever been in an environment with 5km radius of nothing at all. I´m talking no roads, no humans, no light posts, no advertising, no cars, nothing. Just you and nature? Well if not my friend, you are seriously missing out in life. 

In a city you are forced to numb your senses to cope. You are basically forced to devoid your sensations and emotions. This is not the case in the Icelandic highlands.  The Icelandic highlands are a place where all your organs senses will make you feel alive and kicking. 

I can´t really describe it, it´s magic time.... The beauty, peace and tranquility, is absolutely unique.

Iceland Highlands There are few places in the world where you can experience this type of an environment. To top it off Iceland has no insects nor human predators (The polar bears are in Greenland). 

The only downside to our great highlands is that as they are pure and wild, you won´t find any lodging around. That´s why we´ve created the ultimate higland adventure machine. A Land Rover Defender Camper

It´s a 4x4 jeep that drives and sleeps 2 persons. It literally allows you to dissapear into the highlands for as long as you want. Rent a Land Rover camper and become one with nature.

If you plan to camp in Iceland and need info, a campervan, a tent or any other camping equipment; don´t hesitate to contact me. I´m the owner of KúKú Campers and can help you with everything you need in Iceland. 

Steinarr Lár - Chief KúKú officer