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Myths and Legends About Icelandic Foods

When you’re basically a cold island in the middle of nowhere, it can be tough to source different kinds of food. Or, you have to be fairly creative in how you’ll consume edibles that can be naturally found in your environment. Due to its isolation up until recent history and harsh climate not made for vast agriculture, Iceland’s food has a reputation of being unusual, maybe a little boring, and even slightly gross. However, I think the locals are delighting in some of these rumors. They love pawning off ‘delicacies’ to visitors, ensuring them that yes of course, they all eat fermented shark

Hallgrímskirkja: Reykjavik's Basalt-Inspired Church

Does it look a little ominous? Possibly. But the Hallgrímskirkja church in the capital city of Reykavik is in reality, a welcoming haven to lots of folks. (Want to start in Reykavik on a road trip? Check out this 5-day self-driving tour.) Many people come to visit the city to take photos of their giant spired place of worship, but might not think to visit inside. It’s well worth taking a closer look at this beautiful architectural wonder though to fully understand its impact on the city and entire country. It’s been a mainstay and icon of Reykjavik for decades, and now has become a popul

Perfect Ice Cream Pit Stops in Iceland

Where can you get the best ice cream in Iceland?  Seems silly, but who doesn't love ice cream, even if it's freezing outside? Take a ride around the country to discover great places for desserts and sweet treats. Actually, you don’t even have to leave Reykjavik for wonderful flavors and intense sundaes to satisfy any sweet tooth. And sure, be brave while ordering ice cream over the winter, but the real fun starts when chomping on a waffle cone when the summer sun is out. No matter where you roam in Iceland there’s going to be countless options for ice cream lovers and frozen dessert deligh

Ethics for Exciting Icelandic Horses Interaction

Forget the volcanoes, black sand beaches and towering glaciers – I wanted to see the horses in Iceland! As soon as I landed in Reykjavik, I kept my eyes peeled for these plucky little loves on four legs. Icelandic horses are known for being an agreeable, friendly and warm breed that can survive all elements and get along great with humans. They live long due to the lack of diseases they are susceptible to in Iceland, and no other horses are allowed to be imported into the island nation. This keeps the breed pure, strong and essential to the Icelandic way of life. So where can you see these


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