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Madisyn founded The Restless Worker as a way to encourage young professionals that they can see the world without quitting the 9 to 5 or selling all of their belongings. She hopes to inspire others to take advantage of their vacation days and push themselves to explore places around them!


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6 Spots You Must See in Southern Iceland

Find out what makes South Iceland so fantastic to visit! Southern Iceland is arguably the most popular region for tourists. With so many things to do and see, you could easily spend your whole time in this one region. The beauty of Southern Iceland is the vast amount of landscape and natural wonders you’re bound to see. You can choose between a variety of South Coast tours, or simply rent a car and drive yourself. The climate is often warmer in this region which only helps its popularity. If you’re visiting the region during the shoulder seasons, be mindful of the wet weather. The driving

6 Towns You Need To Visit In Iceland

There are a number of small towns in Iceland you need to visit. When I first started planning our trip to Iceland it was really hard to actually narrow it down. While the country itself has seen an influx in tourism recently, there still wasn't a lot out there in terms of itinerary ideas outside of the Golden Circle and the Blue Lagoon. Thankfully Guide to Iceland has some good itinerary suggestions, and their team can provide great travel information. I think the biggest advice I would have when picking the towns in Iceland you want to visit is to research what kind of activities and accom

Here's What You Need to Know if You Are Renting a Car in Iceland

The best way to see Iceland is definitely by driving. The most popular route is driving through the entire country on Route 1. You’ll get the chance to see everything from mountains to beaches to volcanoes following the country’s most popular highway. With the tourism industry booming in the last couple of years, the country is still trying to catch up and renting a car is still a little bit confusing. Many blogs will encourage you to rent a 4x4, saying you’ll get stuck or can cause your car damage if you don’t. The problem with this is that 4x4’s are extremely expensive to rent for week-lo

5 Things You Must Do During Your Iceland Stopover

Iceland stopovers are becoming a popular addition to any Europe trip these days. Everyone from Icelandair, Wow Airlines and Air Canada offer passengers a day, or even a couple of days in Iceland for little or no extra cost. It originally was started by Icelandair as a way to promote tourism to the country and has really kicked off. As tourism booms, Iceland has made its way to everyone's bucket list and travellers are wondering how they can see the best of Iceland in a stopover. Last year, we visited the beautiful country for a glorious 10 days. If you have the chance I would strongly recom


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