Live Feed from the Volcanic Eruption by Grindavik, Iceland


Volcanic eruptions near Grindavik have begun yet again. Keep on reading for an incredible, live-streamed look at 2024's eruption in the Reykjanes peninsula.

Another eruption has begun on the Reykjanes peninsula, this time by the Sundhnukagigar crater row near the town of Grindavik. The previous eruption in Hagafell had devastating effects on the inhabitants of the town, destroying homes and displacing the population.

Media outlets have various live feeds from the site of the eruption, showcasing the natural forces at work. We have gathered some of the best here below. Currently, the area is closed off to the public and can not be visited until authorities consider it safe to do so. Please respect the closure and check the SafeTravel website for updates.

This is the eighth eruption in Reykjanes in just four years. One of the more recent ones, in Hagafell mountain, had been a disaster for the people of Grindavik, while the ones in preceding years had been tourist-friendly spectacles, such as the ones taking place in Fagradalsfjall and Litli-Hrutur.

Iceland is famous for its incredible volcanic activity, partially earning it the name "The Land of Ice and Fire," but even so, momentous events like this are not as common as one might think.

A view of the eruption from a helicopter.

The lava flowing from the fissure is not expected to damage infrastructure such as the Blue Lagoon or Svartsengi Power Station.

Reykjavik residents, who live over 24 miles (40 kilometers) away from the eruption site, could see the night sky light up as the eruption started. 

Lava burst from a crater during Fagradalsfjall's eruption.

The last major Icelandic eruption before the series of eruptions in Reykjanes was Holuhraun in 2014, and before that was the notorious Eyjafjallajokull over a decade ago, in 2010. The former was hard to watch due to its remote location, and the latter barred many who wished to see it from being able to by grounding flights across Europe.

While the eruption is a tragedy for the Icelandic people, you can monitor the situation with the 24-hour live feed.

Rivers of lava spill from the ravine at Sundhnukagigar.

Keep checking the live video of the Reykjanes eruption to see the striking differences between a volcano from day to night and to see what form it takes next. No one is quite sure when the activity will end, so be sure to watch this breathtaking phenomenon while you can.



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