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Rif, Iceland

Bjarnarfjörður峡湾属于西峡湾Strandir地区一部分, 在Veiðileysufjörður峡湾以南;Steingrímsfjörðurxia峡湾以北。Bjarnarfjörður峡湾以它极尽原始的环境与地貌受到来自世界各地旅人的欢迎。峡湾内有多条景色绝美的徒步路线,沿途还有机会看到可爱的野生海豹从峡湾的海中探头。  到访这里的游人还可以造访巫师小屋(Sorcerer's Cottage)和Lambatindur山。

The Sorcerer's Cottage 

The Sorcerer’s Cottage, locally known as Kotbýli kuklarans, is a part of the Museum of Sorcery and Witchcraft. The exhibition was opened as their second attraction on 23rd July 2005, making for a new and complementary attraction to the Bjarnarfjörður region. Three connected turf houses display how ‘sorcerers’ and tenant farmers lived their mystic, daily lives in 17th Century Iceland. Inside, magical staves are carved onto the inner walls. Lambskins, scythe-handles and an old cooking stove make the experience all the more immersive.  

Some lucky visitors will even have the chance to meet Sigurður Atlason, the CEO of the Museum, who will often fully attire himself as the sorcerer, meeting with guests for photographs and to share further insight into magic’s connection to the Westfjords region. The Sorcerer’s Cottage can be found in Klúka, north of Hólmavík, and can only be visited in the summer months. 


A 4km trail snakes its way up to the nearby and isolated mountain, Lambatindur (854m). For hikers who enjoy the solitude nature brings, there can be no better choice in Iceland. Rarely will visitors hike these parts, making Lambatindur something of a hidden treasure amongst walkers. There are no villages or towns nearby, so chances are the mountain path will be yours and yours alone. 

This does mean getting to the mountain requires a special effort, however. The hilly landscapes surrounding the mountain make for beautiful trails in themselves, but it is at  Lambatindur’s summit where the true sights reveal themselves; wide blue ocean on the northeastern side, Siberian driftwood piling up along the coastline, whilst grassy lowlands and interesting rock formations surround the mountain’s base.