Hotel Flatey is situated in the centre of the old village on Flatey, in the very heart of Breiðafjörður. The houses in the old centre are timber structures dating from the island’s former times of prosperity, and most of them have been restored in their original style.

The hotel has a very inviting feel to it and special atmosphere, making it one of the 10 highest rated hotels in Iceland.

Nowhere else in Iceland can you find an urban setting where the atmosphere of the past has been so faithfully preserved.

The hotel’s dining room and guest rooms are in converted warehouses flanking the old market square. Guests can savour the unique ambience of the island in cosy and welcoming accommodation and enjoy choice food with a view over the village, the coastline and the nesting grounds of the Arctic terns in Skansmýri.

Hotel Flatey is open during the three summer months. We’ll be open on the 28th of May until August 27th, 2018.

For bookings and other information please send an email to or call +354-555-7788 between 9 and 18.

Practical information

How do I get to Flatey?

When you arrive in Stykkishólmur you need to make your way to the harbour and buy a ticket for the Baldur ferry. Please ask the staff to transport your car to Brjánslækur / Stykkishólmur where you will collect the car when you return to Brjánslækur / Stykkishólmur. If you are coming back to Stykkishólmur then you just leave your car at Stykkishólmur.

For information on the Ferry Baldur visit

On arrival at Flatey, we greet you at the harbour and transport your luggage to the hotel. It takes you about 10 minutes to walk and there is only one road so you will not get lost.

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