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Guide to Iceland冰岛旅行网是全世界最大的有关在冰岛旅游旅行信息、旅行团、旅行服务的网站,有超过5000个旅行团、自由行产品,均来自本地正规旅行团运营商,质量有保障。选择冰岛旅行网,找到最地道、最热门、最全面的冰岛旅行体验,深度游览冰岛。
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Lava Car Rental is a fairly young company but with the enthusiasm and drive of an experienced team to make every trip a memorable for our customers. Our award winning staff (Ohhh yes we have won an award) do their upmost to make sure the customers experience is comfortable and of the highest quality. Awards are always nice and we love them, and daily we receive the greatest reward of them all when satisfied customers come in returning a car with perhaps a great story during their trip and a smile on their face. We understand that a trip to Iceland is a big decision and to be a part of that decision is our honor. In return we honor to make every effort of professionalism and ensure that our part of the trip is the best. Lava Car Rental is a family owned company so we understand the importance of a good family holiday in an safe car. That is why all our vehicles are passed through the strictest maintenance and are under regular surveillance by our team members. Do you have questions? Dont hesitate to send us an email and ask. Not just about our car rental but anything you want to know before you head up north. Take a look at our Travel Tips page on our website. There we are regularly putting in info about everything we can possibly think that might interest our customers

Great Price and service

No cancellation fee up to 72h before pickup

Free pickup-dropoff to/from Keflavik Airport

Free shuttle services to and from the airport

We deliver cars to you in Reykjavik and nearby towns by request for a fixed fee

Brand New Cars with Unlimited Mileage per rental

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Lava Car Rental的平均游客评分为4.7,获得优秀车行称号。
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Lava Car Rental

平均评分 4.7

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