Boardgaming in Reykjavík

Boardgaming in Reykjavík


Boardgaming in Reykjavík

Heck, I'll admit it.. I'm a huge boardgame nerd!

Ever since me and my wife decided to buy a cool boardgame we tried one time we've become addicted. And what a nice addiction too, it gives us the occasion to constantly invite some friends over for dinner and boardgames or simply go to boardgaming nights here and there. Meet new people and destroy them. (Not literally though).

It just seems to me to be a really good investment of my time, you know? I could boardgame. I could have a beer with friends. I could have a relaxing evening at home. I could also do all three at once, you see.

Carcassonne has long been my favourite but admittedly, I'm a little late to the party here... but Settlers of Catan has really been growing on me. Another really cool game I like is Dominion, although I'm not really good at it.. it's alright though. I really am quite a cool looser.

Here are some links for your boardgaming pleasure:



So what are your favourite boardgames? You're welcome to contact me if you share the love.



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