Þórgnýr Thoroddsen



Accommodation, Travel, Beer, Bars


English, Icelandic, Danish


Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Chile, Costa Rica, Germany, Denmark, Egypt, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Thailand, United States, Viet Nam

Hey! My name is Þórgnýr and I'm born and raised in the tourism industry. Ever since I was a child my parents ran a guesthouse right downtown in Reykjavík. I'm therefore not only experienced in interacting with travellers, it's literally in my blood. I've got a fantastic network and an easy going, adventurous personality.

For the past years I've been working as a politician and as a professional leisure time consultant, but recently I started my own brewery and am now brewing beer more or less full time. I also spent a few years in the film industry.

So please contact me if you need a contact. Keywords that I'm knowledgeable about include cycling, lindy hop and other swing related topics, politics, beer (obviously), fatherhood, leisure time, travelling around iceland, what to do where and so fourth.

My network is quite extensive, would be a shame to not use it. ;) I hereby invite you to pick my brain.