My date at Café Loki

My date at Café Loki


My date at Café Loki

My wife doesn't know but sometimes I go on dates. Last night, my wife was on a rehearsal for a play she's starring in, I took my daughter Járngerður (3 years old) for a date. We do that from time to time when we're by ourselfs. This time around we agreed that we wanted to eat fish and, being a little tired of eating sushi, decided to go for some plokkfiskur on Café Loki.

Plokkfiskur is an icelandic delicacy made from haddock, potatoes, white sauce and onion. Well... sort of, the recipe varies a great deal depending on who's making it. Back in the days people braved the fish leftovers by masking it in with other ingredients but nowadays it's all first grade material. Suffice to say it's one of my favorite dishes.

Café Loki is a really tourist oriented spot. That's a fact that can't be overlooked. But the devil is in the details you see, because their menu is first class and the price is fine! They don't go about finessing the icelandic experience to the point it's bland, they simply make the courses small enough and/or varied enough that you can try a lot without braving a single large meal that you can't eat in the end.

May I just recommend this place? Being an Icelander I need my plokkfiskur from time to time and not being bothered by preparing it. Call me new-age.



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