Hostels in Reykjavik

Hostels in Reykjavik

Choose from the largest selection of cheap hostels in Reykjavik. Spend your time in the vibrant city center and make friends along the way







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Why stay in a hostel in Reykjavik?

Reykjavik is Iceland's capital and largest city, located on the country's southwest coast. It is a popular travel destination known for its stunning natural landscapes, vibrant nightlife, and unique culture.

Reykjavik is also an excellent base for exploring Iceland's natural wonders, such as the Blue Lagoon, Golden Circle, and seeing the elusive northern lights.

Hostels in Reykjavik can be an excellent option for budget-conscious travelers seeking affordable accommodation.

Hostels in Reykjavik offer shared dormitory-style rooms and private rooms for those who prefer privacy. The shared rooms usually have bunk beds, and some hostels may offer female-only or mixed-gender dorms.

Private rooms are usually equipped with a double bed or two single beds and often have an en-suite bathroom.

One of the great benefits of staying in a hostel is the social atmosphere. Hostels in Reykjavik often have communal spaces, such as lounges, kitchens, and dining areas, where guests can meet and interact with other travelers worldwide.

Many hostels also organize social events and activities, such as pub crawls, movie nights, and guided tours.

Another advantage of staying in a hostel is the affordable price. Hostels in Reykjavik are more affordable than hotels, making them an ideal choice for budget travelers.

They offer basic amenities, such as free Wi-Fi, bed linens, towels, and kitchen facilities where guests can prepare meals.

When choosing a hostel in Reykjavik, it's essential to consider the location. Some hostels are in the city center, within walking distance of popular attractions like the iconic Hallgrimskirkja church and the impressive Harpa Concert Hall.

Others are situated on the city's outskirts, in more residential areas. However, most hostels are well connected to public transportation, making exploring the city and its surroundings easy.

Hostels in Reykjavik offer affordable, social, and comfortable accommodations for travelers on a budget. Whether you're a solo traveler looking to meet new people or a group of friends traveling together, staying in a hostel can be a fun and memorable experience.