A Blondie in Tenerife

I love the sun, maybe it’s just because we don’t get much sun in Iceland and you usually want what you can’t have..at least in some cases. We arrived at our apartment but like always when you're travelling things don’t go smoothly at all times...we couldn’t get the key because the reception was closed and our phones were dead so we couldn’t call a cab to go to the reception downtown neither. I was so tired I just wanted to fall asleep next to the pool on top of my suitcase but we were so lucky to meet these very nice Romanian people who helped us out and drove us to the reception. We opened the door to our new apartment and were reliefed that it looked nice and was quite big actually. We looked around and got comfortable until I started moving some things around and saw these two cockroaches dancing on the wall. I freaked out ofcourse, not being used to big discusting bugs in Iceland, and my boyfriend was forced to throw them out even though he wasn’t really happy about it! It’s nice to use the excuse that I’m a woman and he’s a man in those kind of situations..:) 

A Blondie in Tenerife

The time we spent there was nice, I learned a little Spanish and enjoyed the heat while I could. We did what most tourists do there, went to the waterpark and had a great time, me being the adrenaline addict I am. We also took the bus to the capital, Santa Cruz, and did a little bit of shopping. The worst thing about the trip was having to walk everywhere we went, because unfortunately we aren’t old enough to rent a car abroad even though we both have drivers license, something regarding the insurance I think. It’s healthy to walk but you get a little tired of it after 2 months. So the last few days we rented bikes and I swear we felt like we were little kids again, just riding around the village and having fun. 

Ofcourse there was a lot of lazyness too, I can’t deny that. A lot of lying on the beach drinking sangria, beers and coctails and just enjoying life!

Here's a little song I loved dancing to :)


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