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Hrafnabjargafoss is horseshoe shaped, although this is hard to see in winter.

Hrafnabjargafoss is a waterfall located in the Skjálfandafljót river, one of the longest rivers is Iceland.

It is little-known compared to other waterfalls in north Iceland, making it somewhat of a hidden gem in the region. It can be found alongside a highland road that is only accessible in summer.

Waterfalls of the Skjálfandafljót River

Hrafnabjargafoss is but one of several falls found in the Skjálfandafljót river. The most famous of these is Goðafoss, which sits several miles north, on the road between Akureyri and the Lake Mývatn region.

This easy to access location and its history, being the place where Iceland marked its conversion to Christianity in 1000 AD when idols of the Old Norse Gods were tossed here, means that Hrafnabjargafoss has always sat somewhat in Goðafoss’s shadow. That does not mean, however, that it is any less beautiful or worthy of a visit.

Though only about five metres tall, it falls from a unique, horseshoe shaped cliff in several chutes. It is surrounded by moss covered lava rock, black sands and some greenery in summer, and boasts stunning highland views to the south.

Other waterfalls in Skjálfandafljót include Aldeyarfoss, famous for the hexagonal basalt columns that cluster around it; Ingvararfoss, where two rapid falls mean at a tumultuous point in the river; Barnafoss, not to be confused with a waterfall of the same name in west Iceland; and finally Ullarfoss, which is fed by fresh springs.

Getting to Hrafnabjargafoss

Hrafnabjargafoss is really only accessible in summer, unless on tour in which specialist vehicles, equipment and guides are needed. This is because it is located on a highland road that is closed to the general public in the winter months as it is not maintained and thus often covered in snow. Even in summer, it can only be driven to in a four-wheel-drive.

From Akureyri, where most people stay when in travelling to the north of the country, follow the Ring Road eastward until you hit Route 844, where you will turn right towards the country’s interior. Follow this road onto Route 842, and continue onto the F26. This journey will take you past one of the aforementioned waterfalls, Aldeyarfoss, which is also well worth a stop.

Once you reach Íshólsvatn lake, you will find a trail that leads five hundred metres away from it to the left, which will take you to the feature.

The journey, without stops, will take you approximately an hour and a half.

Located in the north highlands, Hrafnabjargafoss is hard to access in winter.

Other Sites Around Hrafnabjargafoss

Being an attraction in north Iceland, a visit to Hrafnabjargafoss can be just a part of an extensive day of sightseeing, and to more than just the waterfalls of the Skjálfandafljót river.

This region boasts the Mývatn area, a series of lakes surrounded by geothermal and geological wonders, such as the Mývatn Nature Baths and Dimmuborgir lava fortress respectively; some of its features are both geothermal and geological attractions, such as the Grjótagjá hot spring cave.

A little further to the east, you can find the seething mud-pits and steaming fumaroles of the barren Námaskarð Pass, and a little further east from here, you can find three more great waterfalls, part of the Jökulsá á Fjöllum river.

These are named Selfoss, Dettifoss and Hafragilsfoss, and while all are magnificent, Dettifoss is undoubtedly the most impressive, being the most powerful falls in Europe.

Just north of here is the dramatic, forested horseshoe shaped canyon of Ásbyrgi.


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所有种类 50km 半径

附近的景点 赫拉纳布格瀑布


阿尔德亚瀑布(Aldeyarfoss)坐落于冰岛北部高地的斯乔尔万达河(Skjálfandafljót)上,被誉为冰岛最美瀑布之一。 地质概况 阿尔德亚瀑布高达20米,一汪美丽的蓝宝石色湖泊承接着激荡的瀑流。瀑布两侧被六棱玄武岩墙环绕,尽显冰岛火山地质的鬼斧神工。...



Svarta is a river in Bardardalur valley in North Iceland, around 45 kilometers from the mighty Skjalfandafljot glacier river. Svarta is one of the gr...



Ullarfoss is a beautiful waterfall in the river Svarta in North Iceland. The waterfall is located in a fresh spring river that flows through Bardarda...



图片来自洛夫瑟利尔(Lofthellir)冰柱洞穴旅行团|北部米湖出发 Skútustaðagígar位于冰岛北部的米湖地区(Mývatn),是一组神奇的伪火山口奇观。 地质概况 奇妙的Skútustaðagí...



Ludentarborgir is a crater row east of Lake Myvatn, about 15 meters long. These craters take their name from the explosion crater Ludent, to the...



黑暗城堡熔岩群(Dimmuborgir)坐落于米湖地区(Mývatn),是冰岛北部最热门的自然景点之一;无数奇诡的民间传说在此悄然流传。 地理概况 黑暗城堡熔岩原形成于2300年前的一次火山爆发。米湖地区火山运动频仍,衍生了活跃的地热景观,其周边的Námaskar...



  Hvannfell is a mountain in Sudur-Thingeyjarsysla county in North Iceland. The mountain is located near the famous Lake Myvatn. The Burfellshr...



洛夫瑟利尔(Lofthellir)是冰岛北部的一座奇妙岩洞,洞内矗立着永久性的冰柱。 地质概况 洛夫瑟利尔岩洞诞生于3500年前的一次火山爆发。与冰岛的其它熔岩管道洞穴一样,洛夫瑟利尔也因岩浆流从外向内冷却而成:外层首先凝固成壳,包围住内部的液态岩浆,待其流散殆尽后,便留下一整条熔岩管。洛夫...



Hverfell is an explosion crater on the east side of Lake Mývatn in northern Iceland and is one of the largest explosion craters in the world. ...



图片来自: Wikimedia, Creative Commons. 摄影师: Tong 冰岛北部的惠尔火山(Hverfjall)是一座凝灰岩环形火山,火山口直径约1千米,深约140米,以其独特的外形惊艳着每一位到访的游客。 惠尔火山在冰岛语中有两个名字,既可以是Hverf...



图片来自Andrés Nieto Porras Grjótagjá地洞温泉坐落于冰岛北部的米湖(Mývatn)附近,幽深的火山熔岩洞穴中隐藏着一座美丽的地热温泉。 历史 Grjótagjá地洞温泉的发现历史可以...



Stóragjá is a little-known rift in north Iceland which holds cave filled with naturally-heated geothermal water. Found next to the vill...



位处冰岛北部的米湖(Mývatn)是冰岛第四大湖泊,湖中散布着众多小岛。米湖及其周边地区以旖旎的自然风光、活跃的鸟类生活与活跃的火山地热活动而闻名遐迩,是冰岛旅行不容错过的经典景区之一。 地质奇妙、风景如画的米湖还曾在诸多热门影视剧作中现身。《权力的游戏(冰与火之歌)》的北境就曾...



Credit: Wikimedia, Creative Commons, Photo by LV Corporate Bjarnarflag is the oldest geothermal power station in Iceland, having been first open...



冰岛北部的众神瀑布(Goðafoss,又名神之瀑布)高12米、宽30米,坐落于冰岛第四大河流Skjálfandafljót之上,是最受游客欢迎的冰岛瀑布之一。 众神瀑布的历史 众神瀑布的冰岛语是Goðafoss,既可作“众神瀑布&rdq...



图片来自 众神瀑布+米湖温泉组合旅行团|阿克雷里出发,奢享温泉体验 米湖温泉(Mývatn Nature Baths)位于冰岛北部的米湖景区,距离雷恰利兹小镇(Reykjahlíð)两公里左右,是冰岛最热门的地热温泉体验地之一。 米湖温泉于2004...



Námafjall地热区位于冰岛北部,地处冰岛第四大湖米湖(Mývatn)东侧。 Námafjall地热区的别名是Hverir,意为“温泉群”,这片广袤的地热区上散布着众多沸泥潭与蒸汽孔。地热区的土地也被各种矿物质点染,复杂的化...



Námaskarð地热区位于冰岛北部的Námafjall山区、一号环岛公路沿线,距离米湖(Mývatn)仅有半小时车程。 地热区与克拉夫拉(Krafla)火山系统相连通,地热喷泉、蒸汽孔、沸泥潭等奇观俯拾即是。 地质概况 海拔高达400米的...



Saurbæjarkirkja教堂位于冰岛北部的埃亚峡湾(Eyjafjörður)内,是一座建于19世纪的路德式草顶教堂。 教堂的历史十分古老,文献显示,早在14世纪时就有天主教牧师于此生活;据传12世纪时,该地还设有一座修道院,但有关于此的记录十分稀少。 草顶...



Located in the fjord of Eyjafjordur in Noth Iceland, Grundarkirkja is one of Iceland‘s most beautiful and distinct churches. It is unusual for a...